September Sonnets: A Challenge

You might remember that back in April, I participated in a Poem-A-Day challenge, led by one of the editors of Writer’s Digest, Robert Brewster. This month, I’ve decided to create my own poetry challenge – writing a sonnet per day!

I’ll of course be sticking with “Shakespeare’s fave” sonnet for most of them, but I might throw in a few Haiku Sonnets and Curtal Sonnets too.

Now, all of these sonnets won’t be posted on this blog, because a few I am saving just for my Patreon subscribers (now closed). But the ones that aren’t going in those collections, I’ll be sharing on this blog, just like I did with April’s Poem-A-Day (Posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Now, I didn’t get the idea to do this whole #SeptemberSonnet challenge until this morning, so I’m already sort of a day behind… So, I’ll post two sonnets here today! The first is a classic sonnet, the second is a haiku sonnet.

And if you’re in the mood to sonnet along, tag social media posts with #SeptemberSonnet (or #SeptemberSonnets – I’ll try to remember both!) and tag me too (I’m @ThatColette on Twitter + Instagram).


There’s an oracle that promises September 
Will be a month of clarity, a month where we transcend. 
Perhaps it is a month where we will remember 
A complicated beginning, or a blissful end. 

The waxing crescent moon above brings 
A promise of resilience and a moment to break free 
As our soul shakes off its shackles, and sings 
A hauntingly complicated, but assured melody

Perhaps it is an omen that the newest moon 
Arrives on the new month, and on the day of rest
It means that answers are coming, and coming soon
From a place of faith and hope inside our chest

The clarity we seek comes from within
If we have the heart and courage to begin.

Labor Day

We take the day off 
To sleep in, to clean the house,
And to enjoy rest.

How easy is it
To forget the reasons for
A three-day weekend?

We don’t think of the
Children, or unions, who were
The front line, fighting,

For eight hour days,
And better work conditions,
For everyone else.

Enjoy your day to yourself,
And remember to say “thanks.”

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