Poem: An Apology to Oatmeal

An Apology to Oatmeal I hated oatmeal.At least, I believed I did.Thinking of oatmeal made me shudder.People offering oatmeal made me gag.The idea was as repulsive as the food.Everything about it said:Bland.Sad.Bad. And then one day, in a very different summer,Than the one we are currently enduring,I was offered oatmeal again.This oatmeal was made withContinue reading “Poem: An Apology to Oatmeal”

September Sonnets: A Challenge

You might remember that back in April, I participated in a Poem-A-Day challenge, led by one of the editors of Writer’s Digest, Robert Brewster. This month, I’ve decided to create my own poetry challenge – writing a sonnet per day! I’ll of course be sticking with “Shakespeare’s fave” sonnet for most of them, but IContinue reading “September Sonnets: A Challenge”