#APRPAD – Day 4

Prompt: Painter Poem

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

It’s The Swing that I see first
The light filtering in from behind me
As I walk across the wooden floor
Of the second story of the old train depot
That has been transformed
Into one of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Everyone else was aghast and in awe
As we made our way through the Louvre
And while Winged Victory took my breath away,
I still hadn’t had the same experience
That everyone else seemed to be having
With their wide eyes and mouths agape.

But in the D’Orsay, something is different.
Tall ceilings. Endless chatter. Echoes of wonder.
Each room feels like a chiffon skirt and silk robe,
Elegant and indulgent and sweet.
And it is when we arrive at these – the Renoir –
That I understand why people love art so much.

“The Swing” at Musee D’Orsay – July 2005

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