A Found Poem: #StayHome

Yesterday, a friend of mine forwarded me a tweet by Jessica Salfia that had gone viral. It was a piece of “found poetry” which, as the definition on Poets.org says, is the “literary equivalent of a collage.”

Inspired by Salfia’s work, I decided to give the exercise a try myself this morning, taking the first lines of emails I’ve received over the last two weeks and fashioning them into a poem of sorts. Here’s my version:

They Can’t Close Email Inboxes

Working, Working, Working.
Build your skills while you’re at home this month!
Not rendering correctly?
Want push notifications instead?
Join us ONLINE! 
We’ve got great stuff for at-home learning, too.  

We’re here so you can get the supplies you need, safely.
Your order is out for delivery. 
Discount included!
Your shipment is on its way. 
Shipping or free curbside pickup? 
I hope you’re excited about new releases.

Remember this from four years ago? 
More or less.
Some words of wisdom…
When you stop doubting yourself, this happens.
Explore projects and find inspiration.
What. A. Week.

Even if you can’t travel,
Save on fuel for your creative fires. 
Inspired by unstoppable women,
Brighter days are ahead.
Now the REAL fun begins. 

Thank you.