Write Vintage: A Picture is Worth…

Stock image of two adults holding bowls with various breakfast items on the surrounding counterspace. The frame around the edges says “A Picture is Worth…” “Write a Caption” “Write a Story” “Write a Poem”

We’ve made some adjustments to our prompts over at The Write Vintage, which is a Facebook community I manage. We went from “A Thousand Word Thursday” to “30 Word Thursday” to “A Picture is Worth…” Thursday. This leaves the photo at the center of our inspiration, but takes away any word count or genre restrictions and limitations.

Here is my poem for this image, which was our December 3, 2020 entry:

On New Year’s Day:
When the leftover champagne
Has gone flat in the flutes
And the glittering decorations
Have wilted to the ground
I’ll be happy to have you,
And our simple place,
And freshly sliced grapefruit.