Introducing Celebri-Reads

So, this should be of no surprise to anyone who has been hanging out here for a while, but just in case this is news to you: I love popular culture. I love TV, I love movies, I love actors and actresses, I love the crazy, messed up, sometimes glitzy, sometimes vapid world of Hollywood, I love it all.

I also really, really love books.

Needless to say, the “celebrity memoir” is one of my favorite genres to read. I can’t remember exactly which book started it all… it might have been Bossypants by Tina Fey, but it might have been earlier than that too. I love Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper by Diablo Cody, and Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. Recently, I’ve read and adored This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps and Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris.

Now, once upon a time, I tried to form a book club. It went very poorly, lol. I think we made it three months? We weren’t really sure what to read or where to meet, both of which are pretty significant elements of, you know, having a book club.

Then, I joined a long-distance book club. We had a Facebook group and we met via video chat once a month. This, it turned out, was an awesome idea. The not awesome part? The theme of the book club was Pulitzer Prize Winners. Spoiler Alert: most Pulitzer winners are total snooze fests. It’s hard to stay invested in something when you hate the book every month.

But, through all this I learned that it is helpful for a book club to have some sort of theme to guide it, and that long distance book clubs where you meet via video chat and coordinate through something like a Facebook group actually work kinda well. And I know I love pop culture, and I especially love celebrity memoirs, so…

Meet my new baby!

There is not a small percentage chance that this could end up being a book club of one. I acknowledge and understand that’s a possibility. But, even if I can’t convince any of my friends that they should be as obsessed with celebrity memoirs as I am, it does make a pretty cool reading challenge for me every month (and gives me an excuse to break out of other genre ruts that I tend to get in, and might even prevent me from a genre rut with celeb memoirs).

In order to get the ball rolling for me – and anyone I can convince to join me – I’ve picked out one celebrity memoir per month for February, March, and April. Assuming I can get people on board, we’ll take suggestions and vote on future months. If it ends up just being me, well, I’ve already got my list going…

TBH, this whole idea actually started because I read the introduction to *Wishful Drinking* yesterday and thought to myself “Damn, I wish someone was reading this with me! I would love to talk about it…” So, you know, boom, instant book club idea!

Are you a celebrity memoir fan? What are some of your favorites? Leave ’em in the comments or tweet me at @ThatColette so I can expand my reading list!

Also, if you have any book club tips and tricks, lemme know those too.