Book & Movie Thoughts: Dumplin’

So, yes. I am the type of person who prefers to read a book before I see a movie. I still haven’t watched Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet. But I did have a copy of Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’ on my shelf (untouched),Continue reading “Book & Movie Thoughts: Dumplin’”

Quick Book Thoughts: Recent Reads

I started January off with a bang! In the first nine days, I read four books. Now, the book I’m reading it taking a bit more focus, attention, and time (all deserved! I’m reading Becoming by Michelle Obama), so my speed is slowing down some, but I thought I should pop in here and tell you some quick thoughts I had aboutContinue reading “Quick Book Thoughts: Recent Reads”

Book Thoughts: *I’ll Be There For You*

If you’re new here, a quick note – I am a huge pop culture nerd. When I was in college, I became a Communications major because I realized that meant I could spend most of my time writing research papers about movies and TV shows. Then I got a Master’s Degree in Communications because IContinue reading “Book Thoughts: *I’ll Be There For You*”

Book Thoughts: This Will Only Hurt a Little

So, I really, really love celebrity memoirs. Mainly because I have a fascination with Hollywood (as if you couldn’t tell from all my pop culture-y posts) and I love it when actors tell what it was like “Behind-The-Scenes,” especially if it’s about some of my favorite TV shows.  That’s why I was so excited toContinue reading “Book Thoughts: This Will Only Hurt a Little”

Book Thoughts: Bird by Bird

You know those moments when you’re talking to an extremely close friend about an important life matter, and as they give you their advice and perspective, you suddenly becoming irrationally angry? Like, every annoyance and irritation and frustration with this person suddenly boils up inside you, and you feel your cheeks flush, and you simultaneouslyContinue reading “Book Thoughts: Bird by Bird”

Book Thoughts: The Wedding Date (+ Challenge Updates)

So, here’s a disclaimer right up front — I don’t think of myself as someone who reads “romance novels.” I’m a child of the 80s, just the phrase “romance novel” immediately brings to mind a dewy watercolor-esque painting with ornate metallic script and Fabio’s bare chest. That’s, like, soooo not my jam. However, as much as I’mContinue reading “Book Thoughts: The Wedding Date (+ Challenge Updates)”