Book Thoughts: This Will Only Hurt a Little

So, I really, really love celebrity memoirs. Mainly because I have a fascination with Hollywood (as if you couldn’t tell from all my pop culture-y posts) and I love it when actors tell what it was like “Behind-The-Scenes,” especially if it’s about some of my favorite TV shows. 

That’s why I was so excited to read Busy Philipps’ This Will Only Hurt a Little. Unlike most people, it’s taken me a long time to get interested in Instagram stories (where she’s developed quite a following), so my interest in it came entirely from a OMG IT’S AUDREY FROM DAWSON’S CREEK place.

Book Cover - This Will Only Hurt a Little

And, as a forever resident of the fictional town of Capeside, MA, I wasn’t disappointed. There was less Dawson focus than I probably wanted, but after reading it and seeing what her time on set/in Wilmington was like, I completely understand why. There were many tidbits about that show that broke my heart to read, too, but it was wonderful seeing the beginnings of one of my favorite Famous People BFFs couples meeting and getting to know one another. 

Also, as someone who loves pop culture, it was devastating to read her account of Heath Ledger’s passing. I sobbed on my couch. Seriously. 

But what was more thrilling for me was seeing the other parts of her life, the journey that took her through to L.A. and where she is now – social media star, talk show host, and one of the funniest working actresses I know. Seriously, I don’t know why more people aren’t casting her in, like, everything because she’s really good.

The book is also difficult to read in parts, because she’s open and honest and raw about a lot of incredibly painful life events (hence the irony of a title like “This Will Only Hurt a Little.”) She talks about being raped at age 14, struggles with anxiety, and marital/parenthood problems. But she also buoys that with incredibly hilarious and heartwarming tales of travels with friends, the birth of her children, and her never-ending love of the profession of acting. Through it all, though, I think the thing that makes it so engaging is that she writes like she talks in her IG stories (yes, I have finally caught up with the times and actually watch/use them myself), so really, you just feel like you’re hanging out with this exceptionally talented and cool friend you want to have. 

This book will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you uncomfortable if you’re not used to reading fuck on basically every page, and it will make you love Busy Philipps (if you didn’t already).