Is *A Christmas Prince* satire? (And other holiday pop culture musings)

So, I’m going to admit something. I tend to avoid “Hallmark holiday” movies like the plague. I think they’re saccharine-sweet ridiculousness is just near-impossible to consume. (Yes, that’s coming from the same person who will watch pretty much any Disney Animated Classic on repeat.) However, I am also a person who weirdly loves The Prince and the Pauper stories.Continue reading “Is *A Christmas Prince* satire? (And other holiday pop culture musings)”

My Second Disneybound: Dream Big, Princess

What can I say? I mentioned on my first attempt with Disneybounding that it was addictive, and it proved to be true! On October 11, which happened to be #InternationalDayOfTheGirl, Disney posted an announcement encouraging people to Disneybound at the Parks as a princess or other female Disney character as part of their #DreamBigPrincess campaign,Continue reading “My Second Disneybound: Dream Big, Princess”

*The Office* N00b: Leaving Dunder-Mifflin

When I sat down a month ago and decided to finally, after many years of badgering from friends, watch The Office, I was cynical at best. Sure, I knew the show had critical acclaim and a massive fan following, but it just seemed…I dunno, kinda dumb? But I like being in the trenches of popular culture, evenContinue reading “*The Office* N00b: Leaving Dunder-Mifflin”

The Office N00b: Saying Goodbye to Michael Scott

Now, you shouldn’t be reading this blog series at all if you want to avoid spoilers, but I feel like this one doesn’t even count as a spoiler because I knew that Steve Carell left The Office before it ended, and as we’ve well established, I’ve never seen the show before. But anyway, today I’m talking about Season 7, aka “MichaelContinue reading “The Office N00b: Saying Goodbye to Michael Scott”

The Office N00b: Seasons 4-6

Yes, I am speeding through my first-ever binge of The Office. If you’re new here, make sure you read my first three (#1, #2, and #3) blogs about being The Office N00b. Now, upon reaching Season 6, I cheerfully chided my friends on Facebook for not enticing me to watch the series by sharing with me one important fact: ChristianContinue reading “The Office N00b: Seasons 4-6”

*The Office* N00b: Meeting the Staff

New? Read *The Office* N00b: Day 1.  Well, I’ve spent two days at Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton. I’ve celebrated Halloween and Christmas with my new office-mates. And my new office-mates are who I want to talk a little bit about today. These are my “18 episodes in” impressions of the main cast of characters of The Office. AsContinue reading “*The Office* N00b: Meeting the Staff”