My Second Disneybound: Dream Big, Princess

What can I say? I mentioned on my first attempt with Disneybounding that it was addictive, and it proved to be true! On October 11, which happened to be #InternationalDayOfTheGirl, Disney posted an announcement encouraging people to Disneybound at the Parks as a princess or other female Disney character as part of their #DreamBigPrincess campaign, and I obliged:


Snow White was my first Disney Princess love, and I once again happened to have the perfect items already sitting in my closet. I decided this was a pretty spot-on Disneybound look when I walked into the bathroom at the parking garage and an excited little girl yelled to her mom, “Mommy! Snow White just came in here!” So, yeah, I consider this one a success. Plus, since it’s Halloweentime, there are plenty of fun Snow White (or rather, Evil Queen) themed things around the park, like…

The cauldron “magic shot” from the Disney Photo Pass Photographers. I’d done this same pose previously when I was Disneybounding as Winnie the Pooh, but this was far more appropriate. 
The “Poison Apple Martini” at Carthay Circle in Disney’s California Adventure. You get to keep the purple glowing skull cube (and it really was a decent cocktail). 

I had a lot more folks stop me and talk to me about my look on this day than I did previously. Maybe it’s because I was walking around by myself more? Or was it just a more obvious character? Either way, it was once again a new and interesting way to experience life at the parks. I especially enjoyed it when Pluto decided we should waltz — I mean, who doesn’t love waltzing with man’s best friend?


I’m a bit out of Disneybound ideas now (well…I have one more…but I want to save it for a bit), so I’ll be taking a break and just going back to wearing my regular clothes (probably with mouse ears on them) for my next few AP trips.

I still want to know… do you Disneybound? What character would you like to try? What character should try? Drop me a comment or tweet me @ThatColette.