Introducing: My Patreon Site

Well, as I begin this new journey into writing full-time, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve launched a Patreon site where I’ll be self-publishing shorter works of fiction and writing-specific blogs and videos as I continue to work on my novels.

Patrons can choose to subscribe to my site at varying monthly rates. Each subscription level comes with a different set of rewards. They’re explained over on Patreon, of course, but I thought I’d give everyone over here a peek at the information as well:

The Skimmers - $1month

At the $1/month level, in addition to my heartfelt thanks, patrons will receive:

  • A monthly Patron-only blog post with information about how writing is going, interesting books I’ve read/events I’ve been to, and other word-nerd things.
  • Access to Patreon-only feed items, like behind-the-scenes videos and polls
  • At least one original six-word story per month
The Skimmers - $1month (1)

At the $2/month level, in addition to my love and appreciation, Patrons will get everything listed above as well as…

  • An original piece of Flash Fiction (500-750 words) which will be published first* on Patreon
The Skimmers - $1month (2)

At $5/month, in addition to my bursting heart and gratefulness, Patrons receive all rewards from the $1 and $2 levels, as well as:

  • Another original piece of Flash Fiction (750-1000 words), published first* on Patreon
  • Access to a serial story written in monthly installments, published first* episodically on Patreon
The Skimmers - $1month (3)

At $12/month, in addition to my shock, awe, and extreme gratitude, Patrons receive all rewards from the $1, $2, and $5 tiers as well as…

  • A monthly Patreon-exclusive behind-the-scenes vlog where I’ll talk about my writing and maybe (possibly, definitely) will read pieces of other works-in-progress not featured on Patreon
  • An autographed hard copy of my chapbook (stapled), featuring the exclusive Patreon-only pieces (plus one or two…or five…bonus pieces) from the previous six months. First chapbook release is slated for December 2018. 

Truthfully… this is a little scary for me. I think any creative-type who also has an entrepreneurial  spirit will tell you that every act of courage is accompanied by fear whispering “Are you sure? Should we be worried? But what about…?” And I love fear for that. I can see him straightening his little bow tie and wringing his little purple hands. But I also hear Amy Poehler’s (aka, Joy…doesn’t everyone just assume their emotions are the cast of Pixar’s Inside Out, or is it just me?) saying “We can do this! This is gonna be fun!

So, here we go…

OH AND I SHOULD PROBABLY MENTION – this blog and website won’t be going anywhere. This is my landing page for life, lol. And I’ll still write blog posts here about who knows what is interesting me in the moment, but the writing stuff will be over on Patreon.

Okay, now here we go…

*While flash fiction and serial episodes will be published FIRST on Patreon for patrons only, they may be published in other formats in the future, such as in a collection or as a novel.