Book Review/Recap: I Can Barely Take Care of Myself

I am obsessed with this book:

Not only am I obsessed with it, but I kinda wish I’d written it. I could definitely write my own version of it, because while I felt myself laughing out loud and cheering in solidarity alongside Jen Kirkman throughout this warm and honest memoir, I also have my own perspective on the issue that I think I may delve into one day (either on a blog, in a book, or maybe both).

Here’s the deal — even in 2016, it is hard to say “I don’t want to have children.” It is especially hard as a WOMAN to say “I don’t want to have children.” Because that big capital-S Society that forms our general views on what we “should” want and “should” do makes many people (myself included) feel a weird sense of guilt and shame and “What’s wrong with me?” when we don’t fit into the expected mold of “I want 2.5 kids and a white picket fence and a cat and a dog…”

Kirkman’s book delves into the weirdness (for lack of a better word) of those feelings. She discusses what it’s like to have your guard up, to have a littany of your standard – and not always honest – answers to the way too invasive questions that family and friends and strangers feel they’re entitled to ask you (again, I blame big capital-S Society for that one…).

The book is quirky and funny. If you watch her on @midnight or any of the Chelsea Handler shows she’s been on or seen her do stand-up, the book is written with the same wry and honest humor she’s known for in each of those formats.

Whether you have kids or not, whether you want kids or not, this book will help open your eyes to the inner-workings of what it’s like for women and the pressure they often feel when it comes to K-I-D-S. I’ve got a giant stack of books I’m waiting to read, but I might honestly re-read this one again before I get to some of the unread new books because I loved it so much.

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