Back to the Hollow: Camp NaNoWriMo Update

I’ve been loving my time inhabiting the world of Gilmore Girls. This past weekend, my muse decided to show up, and apparently, she drinks as much coffee as a Gilmore, because she did NOT let me rest. I got a LOT written on my spec script, and I wanted to share some brief tidbits of what it is I’m writing about.

Episode Title: Always a Bridesmaid

Episode Date/Timing: June 2016 (9 years post series 7 finale)

Episode “Structure”: Reunion/Mini-Movie. It will be longer than a traditional episode would be, but it won’t be a full 2.5-hour length motion picture (I don’t think…). I’m basically taking the idea of what’s happening in real life (four new episodes, set in the here-and-now) and doing it more in the structure of the Dawson’s Creek series finale (jump forward in time, one standalone piece that encompasses everything).

Gilmore Boys? Yes, Dean, Jess, and Logan (and maybe some others) all find their way into the script.

Other Characters? Besides the main cast (Emily, Lorelai, Rory, Luke), I’ve already brought back Pari & Doyle, Michel, Sookie, Miss Patty & Babette, and Kirk. I have plans for some others, and some that I’m not sure how to work them in (Mrs. Kim, for example – love her character, and would love to write her, but I don’t know how she’d fit!).

Tiny taste of what’s to come? Okay, okay…

Oh. The yoga retreat!

The what now?

Remember when Michel was gone last week
for that “mystery family vacation”? Wasn’t
a family vacation! It was this yoga energy
balance something or other retreat. That
has to be where this love of weddings is
coming from!

A yoga energy balance retreat? Michel?

Something about chakras and light balance.

Isn’t that a photography thing?

I don’t know, but that has to be the explanation.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with
Chakra Khan in there for the next four days.

I know. Somehow, happy supportive Michel is
more disturbing and distracting than regular
surly and off-putting Michel.    

Well, I’m sure someone will manage to be surly
and off-putting this weekend.

I’m trying to avoid that. Speaking of which…

Heading to the diner?

I am. But more coffee first.

Why would you want more coffee here if
you’re headed to Luke’s?

You know when Luke is uncomfortable he takes
it out on the coffee.