My Stars Hollow Sneak Peek

I am obsessed with the new Gilmore Girls revival, and it hasn’t even finished filming yet.

The Cast @ ATX 2015

I am so obsessed, in fact, that I decided I really wanted to write my own version of how I saw the GG mini-movie happening as part of my Camp NaNoWriMo project. I came to this decision a bit on my own, and a bit from the encouragement of my friends who said they wanted to see my take on the script.

So, here’s a teeny tiny peek at what I’ve been writing so far:


LORELAI: Wait, wait, one more thing. Next time you talk to Barack and Michelle, find out if they can get me Hamilton tickets.

RORY: Mom, I am not on a first-name basis with them, and if I was, that’s really not the first thing I would ask them.

LORELAI: Why not? Ask for two tickets; we can go together.

RORY: Okay, after I file this report I’ll run into the Oval Office and see what I can do.

LORELAI: That’s my girl.

RORY: I’m not really going to do that.

LORELAI: Fine, fine. What time will I see you at dinner?

RORY: Um, a little late. I have a friend in town I said I’d meet for drinks first.

LORELAI: Really? Who?

RORY : Oh, just someone from back at Yale. Shouldn’t be too long.

LORELAI: Do NOT leave me alone with her.

RORY: I’ll be there, I promise.

CUT TO: Inside of an upscale New York bar. RORY sits at a table, looking anxiously around the room. She stops and smiles. Camera pans to the door, where LOGAN HUNSTBERGER is standing. He approaches the table and she stands to greet him.

LOGAN: Hey, Ace.

RORY: No one has called me that in years.

LOGAN: That’s because I haven’t SEEN you in years.

RORY: Because you’re always too busy when you come to the city.

LOGAN: No, because you’re always jetting between here and DC.

RORY: What can I say? I’m a woman in high demand.

LOGAN: I bet.

…and that’s all you get for now.