The Dawson Leery Movie List: Season 2

Honestly, I can’t believe it took me over three months to finish Season 2. If you’ve been here for a while, you know when I binge I show, I tend to do so quickly. But y’all, as much as my love for the Capeside Crew is an enduring love that has weathered greater storms than Hurricane Chris (that’s a Season One reference, btw), Season 2 is just roooouuuugggghhhh. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing highlights in this season, but…it’s not great overall.

Now, if you missed my Season 1 list, you can find that here. When I wrote that list, I mentioned I was only going to write down each movie once…per season. Until I compile the giant alphabetical “Here’s the list of every movie you need to watch” list, if something is mentioned multiple times across seasons, I’m letting it slide. But, like, this season, they talk about/reference Titanic a lot. I’m sticking to the first mention.

Without further ado, here’s the Season 2 Dawson Leery Movie List:

Episode 1: “The Kiss”
The Last Picture Show

Episode 2: “Crossroads”
The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles

Episode 3: “Alternative Lifestyles”

Episode 4: “Tamara’s Return”
The Way We Were

Episode 5: “Full Moon Rising”
A collection of porn titles, though I don’t know how many are real…
Godzilla (Matthew Broderick Version)

Episode 6: “The Dance”
Needful Things

As much as I don’t like most of Season 2, “The All Nighter” is one of my favorite episodes of any season, not just this one.

Episode 7: “The All Nighter”
Antony & Cleopatra
Field of Dreams
Romeo & Juliet
Terms of Endearment

Episode 8: “The Reluctant Hero”
General mention of John Wayne Westerns
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Star Wars (original trilogy)

Episode 9: “The Election”
No mentions/references that I caught.

Episode 10: “High Risk Behavior”
Dawson’s Movie

Episode 11: “Sex, She Wrote”
Murder, She Said (1968)

Episode 12: “Uncharted Waters”
Good Will Hunting (porn parody)
The Great Santini

Episode 13: “His Leading Lady”

Episodes 14 & 15: “To Be Or Not To Be…That Is The Question”
Jerry Maguire

Episode 16: “Be Careful What You Wish For”
Animal House
In and Out

Episode 17: “Psychic Friends”
Meet John Doe
Saving Private Ryan

Episode 18: “A Perfect Wedding”
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Lost World
Stand By Me

Episode 19: “Abby Morgan, Rest in Peace”
(Side note: wow, way to put the spoiler right in the episode title…)
Dawson’s Movie

Episode 20: “Reunited”
The Parent Trap
St. Elmo’s Fire

Episode 21: “Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes”

Episode 22: “Parental Discretion Advised”
The Age of Innocence

39 movies (and a few porn references, which again, I don’t know if they’re real or not…) mentioned or referenced in Season 2. Again, I’ll be adding these to a giant compilation list – again, to rival all those Rory Gilmore Reading challenges, but for now, season by season we go. Now that I’ve made it through Season 2, I’m hoping 3-6 I can get through more quickly. Except Season 3 does start with the Eve episodes and those are pretty ugh too.