Exciting Changes + Additions on Patreon!

September is bringing a lot of new and exciting changes and MORE WRITING to my Patreon site. I’ve added new tiers and added more rewards to the existing tiers. For just $1/month subscription, you can now get four pieces of my writing (an exclusive blog post, a six-word story, a poem, and a piece of flash fiction). That’s, like, $0.25 per piece. Pretty amazing deal, if you ask me. 😉

Now, let me introduce my two new tiers: The Artists and The Eclectics. 

The Skimmers - $1month

This tier is $3/month and introduces two new types of writing I’m including in my Patreon: poetry and stage pieces. I write poetry in many forms, so that will vary month to month. Might be a haiku, might be a sonnet, might be free-form…it will vary. Stage Pieces allow me to let my inner playwright/screenwriter out to stretch and dance and play on the page for a bit. These pieces will mostly be monologues and scenes, but sometimes it might be a full one-act or a segment of a spec/pilot script or short film.

The full benefits of the Artists tier are:

  • Monthly Patron-Only Blog Post
  • Access to Patron-Only Feed (Polls, Videos, Updates, Etc.)
  • One Six-Word Story
  • One Piece of Flash Fiction
  • Two Stage Pieces
  • Three Poems

The next new tier I’m introducing is The Eclectics:

The Skimmers - $1month (1)

This tier is $8/month and provides the widest range and bulk of my writing (there is still the $12 tier – The Voracious Readers – which includes even more, but this is still an excellent sampling!).

Those who subscribe at the Eclectics tier get:

  • Monthly Patron-Only Blog Post
  • Access to Patron-Only Feed (Polls, Videos, Updates, Etc.)
  • Three Six-Word Stories
  • Two Piece of Flash Fiction
  • Three Stage Pieces
  • Three Poems
  • Monthly Serial Installment

I’ve also made some adjustments to the existing tiers (The Skimmers ($1/month), The Story Fans ($5/month), and The Voracious Readers ($12/month)). One big shift is removing the word count from a lot of pieces — it was unnecessarily boxing me in and stressing me out, and I wasn’t delivering the best work I could. That’s why I switched up the types of writing I offer at each level, and made the categories and definitions a bit more generic.

Know someone who might be interested in my writing? Is that someone YOU? Visit my Patreon and subscribe today! I haven’t delivered the September 2018 rewards yet, so you’ve got time to get in now with the brand new tiers and reward structure.