Woman (Colette) in a blue dress leaning out from behind a palm tree at a hotel in the Caribbean.

Colette Marie Murphy is a writer. Whether she is writing a novel, a play, a blog post, a poem, an essay, or any other form, she approaches each work with a passion for character development and a keen ear for dialogue. Colette is also passionate about helping others improve their writing, which she provides through her various writing services.

Colette earned a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from San Diego State University. She then went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Literature and Writing Studies from California State University, San Marcos. Her thesis is titled True Love’s Bite: The Twilight Saga as Fairy Tale and Media Virus. She has worked in both on-campus and virtual academic writing centers as a tutor/consultant, as well as taught post-secondary courses in public speaking, composition, research, popular culture, and similar related subjects.

She is active on social media – TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. You can also Contact Colette through this site.