Tradition is Peer Pressure from Dead People

So, first of all – hi, yes, this blog and I still exist. I know it’s been a year (and two days) since you’ve heard from me. 2022 was…interesting. I think we can all agree on that, yeah? It’s interesting to me rereading last year’s “hey, it’s almost NYE” blog post and seeing how muchContinue reading “Tradition is Peer Pressure from Dead People”

In Process

I’m often hesitant to blog about things before I’ve finished them. I’m notorious for setting up and starting challenges for myself (hello, Pandemic Disney Movie Marathon) and then getting tired/disinterested and walking away. I still haven’t watched or moved past The Jungle Book. I think I read one…maybe two?…books on the Rory Gilmore Reading List.Continue reading “In Process”

2020 Pop Culture Challenge: MY Rory Reading List

Okay, I’ve given my challenge lists some more thought, and I’ve decided to pare down the Rory Gilmore Reading List for my personal decade (or shorter) challenge. Here’s what I’ve pulled from the list: Anything I’ve read before. Yes, in my initial blog, I said I would re-read them in the spirit of the challenge,Continue reading “2020 Pop Culture Challenge: MY Rory Reading List”