Resumes and Career Documents

The services I offer for resumes/curriculum vitaes and career documents are ideal for both students and job-seekers. Review my current offerings to determine which option is best for you.

“Nobody thinks their resume isn’t perfect. Colette restructured my entire resume and found ways to make past accomplishments shine as I changed job sectors. I cannot recommend¬†having her do a pass on your resume enough.”

— Nathan A., Sales & Marketing

Resume/CV, Cover Letter, or Application Essay Copyediting

Resume Copyediting is available to someone who has a current resume or curriculum vitae. I will provide feedback on the structure and content of the resume/CV, and I will also edit for any grammatical issues.

Cover Letter or Application Essay Copyediting is similar to what I offer for manuscript copyediting. I will find and correct errors in grammar and mechanics of already existing documents, and offer coaching on the content as well.

Rate: $0.035 per word

The rate per word will be charged based on the word count of the initial manuscript you send to me. If you are interested in working with me for this type of copyediting, use my contact form.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing is available for those who do not currently have a resume or curriculum vitae, whose resume/CV are sparse, and/or whose document needs a complete content overhaul. We will discuss your education, experience, skills, and goals, and I will design and write your resume/CV for you based on the information you provide. Unlike copyediting which only includes one round of edits, resume writing includes up to three “passes” on the document per fee.

– Student or Entry Level (less than 3 Years Experience): $115 per document
– Professional Level (3+ Years Experience): $200+ per document*

*If your resume or curriculum vitae exceeds ten (10) years experience and/or three (3) pages in length, this price will be increased to reflect the additional hours and work required.

If you are interested in working with me for resume writing, use my contact form.

Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter Writing comes in two forms: general cover letter and specific cover letter. A general cover letter focuses on an overview of your skills and goals, with “fill-in-the-blank” sections for you to tailor the letter to a specific posting. A specific cover letter is written for one particular job posting. As with resume writing, either type of cover letter writing includes up to three “passes” on the document per fee.

– General Cover Letter: $75 per document
– Specific Cover Letter: $110 per document

If you are interested in working with me for cover letter writing, use my contact form.