My Performances

Colette Marie Murphy is an
actress and improvisor. She
loves making audiences laugh,
though she’s been known to show a serious side onstage too.

Upcoming Performances

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Previous Roles & Performances

CURTIS / PEDANT The Taming of the Shrew
(Shakespeare in the Vines, 2021)

MULTIPLE VOICES & PUPPETEERWilliam Sockspeare Presents
(Shakespeare in the Vines, 2021)
Educational YouTube Video Series of Puppet Shows
A Midsummer Night’s Dream:
Queen Hippolyta, Snug/Lion, Mustardseed (Watch)
Romeo & Juliet: Lady Capulet
The Tempest: Miranda
Comedy of Errors: Dromio of Syracuse, Adriana (Watch)

SIMONFrom Queue to Eternity
(Shakespeare in the Vines, 2021)
From Queue to Eternity is an original new work written collaboratively by twelve different playwrights. In addition to playing the role of Simon, Colette organized the playwriting project in Fall 2020, wrote a portion of the script, and edited the final version.
The video recording of the first staged reading is available on YouTube (Click Here).

IMPROVISOR Zoomprov to End Alzheimer’s
As one of a squad of improvisors, Colette performed in three different fundraising “Zoomprovs” to raise money for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s team, Malushke’s Minions. Her favorite improv games are “An Actor’s Dilemma,” “What Are You Doing?,” and “185.”

LIZ Taking Leave
(Lamplighters Community Theatre, 2005)

CONTESTANT Wheel of Fortune
(Wheel of Fortune (Game Show), 2004)

NARRATOR – Women’s Cabaret
(UCSD, 2002)