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Personal Profile: New Play Exchange

1-Minute Plays Include: On the Roof at Midnight and Waiting in the Rain

10-Minute Plays Include: The Reunion, At the Diner: After, and Virtual/Reality: A Love Story

Repeat Contributor

Poem: Pam’s Wine

Poem Trilogy: The Glamorous 20s, The Precocious/Precarious 20s, The Infectious 20s

Poem: Pam’s Crush

Poem: The Distance Between Guys

Poem: The Ladies’ Room Wall

Poem: Acrostic Ode to Kevin Malone

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Essay Title: The Bell Rings, or Four Key Life Moments in a Taco Bell (Memoir)

Available at Taco Bell Quarterly

Book Cover: Theorizing Twilight - Critical Essays on What's at Stake in a Post-Vampire World


Essay Title: Someday My Vampire Will Come? Society’s (and the Media’s) Lovesick Infatuation with Prince-Like Vampires.

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Chapter Title: Writing Creatively on Social Media: Know the Rules and Know How to Bend Them.

Available from PR News