What is a Writing Consulting session?

Writing Consulting sessions are one-hour web video conferences where you and I work together on your writing. At the beginning of each session, I will ask you about the assignment/project and your goals: what do you want to accomplish and what are you hoping to create or improve?

Writing Consulting sessions as different than traditional Tutoring in that they do not focus on skills in general, but are rather based on a specific project or assignment that the writer has in process. These sessions can take place at any point in the writing process – brainstorming, outlining, drafting, or editing.

Rate: $40.00 per session (60 minutes)

Interested in learning more about a Writing Consulting session, or want to schedule your session with me? Please use this contact form and I will respond back via email.

Note: grammatical errors and recommended copyedits may be mentioned, but they are not the focus of these sessions. If you would like me to review your writing for grammar and mechanics, please visit my copyediting page.