Updating Patreon Tiers

Hello Readers!

As you may or may not know, I publish fiction, poetry, and other types of writing every month to members of my Patreon page. I started my Patreon in June 2018, and it’s been quite an experiment/experience already.

Beginning in April 2019, I’m updating my tiers and deliverables again. I’ve already let my current Patreon members know about the changes, but I’m posting it on this blog as well in case anyone wanders over this way too (or in case you want to become a member now!).

Here’s what I will be publishing for my members each month, beginning in April:

  • Patreon-Exclusive Blog Post (usually about writing!)
  • Two (2) Six-Word Stories
  • Two (2) Poems

All Rewards from the Skimmers Tier (above) PLUS:

  • Monthly Serial Installment (Fiction/Chapter of Ongoing Piece)
  • One (1) Additional Poem
  • One (1) Additional Six-Word Story

All Rewards from the Skimmers and Story Fans Tiers (above) PLUS:

  • Two (2) Stage Pieces – Short Films, Scenes, Monologues, etc.
  • One (1) Additional Six-Word Story
  • One (1) Additional Poem

If you’d like to become a Patreon member, please subscribe today!