Stitch Fix Review: Box #6 (Belated!)

It’s February 11 already? But…how? Where is 2019 going? I don’t understand…

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The break-neck pace of the new year is going to be my excuse as to why it took me, like, nearly seven weeks to actually sit down and write about my latest Stitch Fix shipment. I was reminded to do it because, well, I’m wearing one of the pieces I kept today!

This box arrived on January 2, and it was an auspicious start to my stylish new year. I had been on a desperate hunt for winter clothes since, well, it dropped below 70* in Southern California and you know that basically makes it unlivable here. But my stylist came to my rescue with adorable pieces to help me survive the winter months.

Spoiler Alert: As with previous shipments, it ended up being a lot cheaper for me to just keep everything in the shipment rather than send back the one piece I was only feeling “meh” about (though I have worn it and really liked it, so I’m glad I still have it!)

Patterned Open-Weave Cardigan

This was the first item I pulled out of the box and immediately knew I was going to keep it. I absolutely love these colors (I have at least one shirt that matches each stripe perfectly) and the fit was great. It’s also so comfy. This is actually the item I’m wearing today – on a lunch date with a friend – that reminded me I was way overdue on this post!

(Also, yes, for everyone not in SoCal reading this, this is what counts as “winter clothes” here.)

Oatmeal Pullover Sweater

It was the detail on the hem of this sweater that sold me on it. Now, I know in previous posts I bemoaned a rounded hemline, and I do stand by that… but thanks to one and a half rounds of LIIFT 4, my waistline is smoothing out (hello, abs!) and I don’t have the same “pooch” I used to have that made the hemline icky to me. That, and this sweater is longer than the shirt I complained about in the other post.

I also almost always veer towards black or gray as my “base neutral,” but this oatmeal-y color surprised me in a good way.

Maroon Pullover w/ Cowl

This was the controversial piece. I fell in love with it the second I pulled it out of the box. But, I also tend to share my box items with friends (and, you know, all my Instagram followers) to get their opinions before fully committing to my purchases. This was nearly split 50/50 between “Keep” and “Return.”

Well, I kept it. I’ve also worn it more than anything else I kept from the box, so the 50% who voted return, you were wrong. It’s warm and soft and fabulous, and I love the color on me (which I realize is hard to see here… the photo below shows it slightly better.)

These are my old high school colors. Apparently “spirit day” never goes out of style?

Black + White Striped Sweater

This was the “meh” piece. It’s a lot like other things I already have in my closet, but it fit well and – since it is like a lot of things I already have in my closet – it matches a lot of my existing wardrobe. Its one saving grace was how incredibly soft it was; that made hanging on to it more worth it.

Wine Cableknit Leggings

They’re FLEECE-LINED. So warm. So cozy. And we know I love a good pair o’ leggings, even if I don’t wear them as “pants” all that often. Around the house, sure, and under dresses, definitely, but otherwise, not so much. Still, these are thick and have more structure to them, so I decided to give ’em a whirl. One friend was concerned they weren’t practical/I wouldn’t “wear them out” enough. I’m happy to report I did style them – I think reasonably well – to wear to a baby shower for my future nephew!

Chambray shirt/dress from Old Navy; Booties by TOMS

So that’s my most recent box! My winter wardrobe is pretty well set now, so I don’t have another box scheduled yet. Going to wait until it warms up a bit, and then I’ll set to freshening up my spring/summer clothes.

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