Stitch Fix Review: Box #5

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I’ve been shopping again!

This is my third Stitch Fix box of the year, and my fifth time shopping with Stitch Fix overall. I’ve blogged about box 3 and box 4 before. Like Box 3, I kept all five pieces this time, because of the 25% off discount. I didn’t totally love all the items, but it was worth the cost savings to not have to send them back (I’m sure Stitch Fix realizes this…).

Here’s what came in my box this month, and my thoughts on each item.

Polka Dot Dress


This fabric is so soft. I have three dresses from Stitch Fix now, and they’re all the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. I never want to take them off, and I would be perfectly happy if my stylist continued to include one in every box.

This dress was a specific request (not this specific dress — that’s not really something you can do with Stitch Fix — but I’m heading to a conference and asked for something that would be comfortable yet stylish for sitting in hotel ballrooms all day), and based on what I asked for, I think my stylist got it just right!

Cobalt Blue Blouse 


By far my favorite item in the box (and a favorite of many I showed it to on IG and Twitter as well!). I absolutely love, love, LOVE this color and I don’t have nearly enough of it in my closet.

The downside to this blouse is that it was the most expensive item in my shipment. I *knew* I wanted to keep it the second I opened the box, but that resulted in me keeping a couple of pieces I wasn’t totally thrilled with, because it ended up being more expensive to keep this and return other pieces as opposed to just keeping all five things.

But you know what? I think it was worth it. I’m obsessed with this top, and I’m looking forward to wearing it to my upcoming convention!

Gray Sweater with “Surprise” Stripes

I love this sweater! First, it’s super comfy and pretty lightweight, which will make for a fantastic transition piece here in SoCal where we can’t quite decide if it’s ever really Fall or not… Second, I’ve never owned a shirt with this sort of detail before, and I adore the striped back/sleeves with the solid gray front.

Oh, and remember the sweater I mentioned that I got back in 2014 and still have? Yeah, this is by the same brand (pretty sure it’s a Stitch Fix exclusive brand/company), which gives me great hope that I’ll still be pulling out this sweater in Fall of 2022.

Striped Tee + Purple Cardigan


These were the items I was going to send back, but it was cheaper for me to keep them (well, okay, not entirely cheaper — but it was only $22 more to keep both than it would’ve been to return them, and for $11 each, I figured it was worth it. Or, heck, $22 for the cardigan and the tee for free. Whatever. Well played with that 25% off deal, Stitch Fix. Well played…).

I don’t love the tee because it’s got a scooped hem, which ALWAYS makes my stomach look much bigger than it is, just thanks to the general shape of my midsection/hips. That sucks. However, I think I can counteract it by wearing this with different jeans (skinny jeans + fitted shirt with unflattering hemline = bad combo) and/or wearing it with a skirt instead. It is a deliciously soft fabric, like the dress, but again – without the price/cost savings, this wouldn’t have ended up in my closet.

The purple cardigan I actually do really like. My hesitation was more that I’m still not sure exactly what I have to wear it with. My stylist suggested it as a pop of color with the polka dot dress, and I surprisingly didn’t totally hate the combo (I’m usually pretty averse to color mixing like this, because I feel like I tend to look like a Kindergartner did it…but I guess navy is technically a “neutral” so…)


I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out how to make both those pieces work best for me.

So, how about you? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve gotten?