The Beauty of Coming Home

I love travel. I absolutely, completely love travel. I am comfortable living out of a suitcase, of navigating unfamiliar roads, of asking the locals where to eat and what to see, of living in a different space and place for any amount of time. It fills my soul, it excites me, and it makes me feel whole.

But none of that quite compares to the feeling I get when I walk back into my house after being away from it for some time. The wholeness that I feel when out traveling expands even more, enveloping me in a sense of security and comfort and assuredness of who I am and where I’m supposed to go from here.

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little quiet around these parts lately, and with good reason. Starting with my birthday on August 17, I’ve been on the road, with very brief respites back home before now. Now, I’m home for a long stretch and very much looking forward to it. I’ve slipped back into my regular routine – making the bed, brushing my teeth, journaling, doing my workout – as though there wasn’t even a bit of a hiccup. But there was one – one that filled me with knowledge and excitement and inspiration. That’s why I love travel, and that’s what I think is so beautiful about coming home.

Here’s a quick collection of some of the photos from my recent adventures. I’m so glad I went on each of them, and I’m so glad to be back now.