Stitch Fix Review: Box #4

This is my second Stitch Fix box this year, but my fourth box overall, and after giving it some thought, I figure the overall number is the number that really counts.

If you remember, I wrote about my experiences with Stitch Fix and the “starting over” box back in July when it arrived. I really liked this box too, but definitely didn’t keep everything like last time. Here’s a quick walk through of what I got, what I kept, what I returned (and why), and what I’m looking forward to with future boxes.


After the adorable copper-dot TOMS classics that I got in my first box, I put in a special request to my stylist to send me another pair. After all, this box arrived my birthday weekend, and I decided it was worth the splurge.

I somehow have failed to take a decent picture of these shoes, but they are super cute. They’re a neutral gray + ivory stripe on the side with a bit of a straw weave on the bottom. I’m sure they’ll make an appearance somewhere else in my blog at some point.



Women everywhere will understand my excitement in the second photo because IT HAS POCKETS!!! 😍😍😍 Now, to be honest, I tend to be beyond terrified of pattern mixing. I feel like I can never get it quite right. But this dress looks and feels right, so if someone else is willing to pattern mix for me like this, then I’m gonna snatch it up. Also, I have a really adorable brown belt I can wear with this too…

The only downside to this gorgeous dress is that I’m currently living on the surface of the sun, and those sleeves + dark bottom + the current temps are NOT friendly. But I’m excited to stash this away in my closet for the fall.



Apparently, my stylist knew I was ready and willing to give pattern-mixing an honest go, because she also included this sweet striped/floral knotted tank. The stripes don’t photograph well (I just realized, lol), but I just really love how easy this top is. It fits well, it’s nice for the blazing hot temperatures I’m dealing with, and it has potential to match a lot of different items I own.



Important note here — I didn’t dislike either of these items. I actually liked them both individually with different pieces, and I liked them paired together. But they were so pricey (for me) and neither one of them wow’d me enough to justify the cost. I understand that Stitch Fix tends to be a bit more expensive (think more like shopping at Nordstrom or Macy’s as opposed to Target or Old Navy, which is usually more my speed…), but I also have gotten a number of reasonably priced items, and I have a number of friends who get boxes who are all, in total, much cheaper than mine. So I adjusted some settings and gave some notes on the return slip, because they really need to know I will never spend $68 for shorts — yes, $68. For shorts. Nope, not happening. Not from me.

If the shorts and the navy blouse had been more in-line with the prices of the tank, I would have once again kept all five items in this box. I’m glad to see my Stitch Fix stylist that I’m paired with is paying attention to my app ratings and my Pinterest board.

So, What’s Next?

Right now I don’t have another Stitch Fix box scheduled because my summer wardrobe is FULL and my summer wardrobe budget is tapped out. Plus, I’m still doing REALLY well with 2B Mindset, and I’m dropping pounds every week, which means my sizes are shifting again.

So, because of both of those things, I’m gonna hold out until late September/early October to get another box, because then I can update my sizes and I can start requesting better Fall/Winter pieces (the idea of even trying on a sweater right now just makes me start sweating…).

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