Stitch Fix Review: Box #1 (or #3)

I first tried Stitch Fix (if you click that link, it’s my personal referral code — same for anywhere else I say “Stitch Fix” in this article!) in November 2015.

There were two items that I liked in that first box, so I kept them. One still hangs in my closet; the other ended up too big for me after a while (the one that fits is a slouchy sweater that I don’t mind being baggy; the other was a fitted dress with sleeves, and that getting baggy was awkward and noticeable). I got a second box in April 2017. From that, I kept a necklace and one shirt that I do still have but rarely wear because I didn’t really love it, I just didn’t want to lose my style credit. 🤷

The problem with my first couple of fixes were that everything seemed so trendy. And TIGHT. At the time, I knew I was on the “high end” of the sizes that Stitch Fix carried, so it was a risk.


Not only have they expanded their sizes available (and they now carry men’s and kids’ clothes!), but they’ve also improved their style profile + way of learning about what you like. This is through the app. It’s a MUST.

My most recent box (technically Box #3, though I like to think of it as Box #1 of “Starting Over”) was perfection. My stylist really seemed to understand what I was looking for, based on my note, my style profile, my app ratings, AND my Pinterest board. This box was so good that I kept all five pieces! 

(The cool thing about Stitch Fix is that if you do end up keeping the whole box, you get 25% off your total cost, which is really nice, especially when you love everything you got).

So, without further ado, here’s what’s been added to my closet this week.

Okay, wait, maybe a little more “ado”… Look, I didn’t expect to love my fix, based on my first two experiences with it. So, really, I didn’t put much time or thought into taking these photos. They’re just me in the mirror in my office/library/workout room. Maybe as I continue to get fixes – because, oh yes, I will be getting more – I’ll take better photos for blogs like this one, but for now, this is what you get…

How effing cute are these TOMS?! I seriously have to stop myself from wearing them every day because oh. my. goodness. 
I’m going to a casual wedding reception in August, which I told my stylist about in my note. This dress will be perfect for it! 
Okay, so, my stylist suggested pairing these items together, and everyone told me to pass on both of them when they saw them like this… BUT when I showed them differently (you’ll see in a second), everyone said I should keep both. And, of course, how cute are those TOMS?! 
This is the back of the white shirt from the outfit above. The jeans are a pair I already own, and the black line is just a shadow (I told you I didn’t plan on blogging these pictures!), but doesn’t it seem much sweeter/more special now? 
…And this is the skirt, with a LLR tank top I already had in my closet. So much more flattering (and so much more like something I’d actually wear!). If you’re not a LLR addict like me yet, after you get your Stitch Fix, of course, check out – that’s my gal, and she’s got great inventory. 
I swore I would NEVER wear a cold-shoulder top. I thought they were stupid. And then I put this one on and didn’t want to take it off ever. It’s soft, the shape is flattering, I love the coral-y red stripes, and yes, I even like the cold-shoulder detail. 

So there you have it! My newest additions to my wardrobe, thanks to Stitch Fix #3. Maybe the third time really is the charm. Hopefully it continues to be true for the fourth and fifth and sixth and…

My next Fix is currently scheduled for late August 2018, so stay tuned for that box review! 


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