Mid-Year’s Eve!

Tomorrow night is mid-year’s eve!


This is the point where you’re probably going “Colette, what the hell are you talking about?!” Lemme explain.

For a few years – and honestly, I’m not even sure when I started this, but within the last five or six years – I bestowed my own special meaning on June 30. After all, June 30 is when we’re through the first six months of the year. We’ve trudged up the hill through winter, planted seeds of Spring, made it through Valentine’s/Easter/St. Paddy’s/Tax Day, sort of kicked off summer on Memorial Day but who are we kidding because June is SO BUSY with other stuff, celebrated lots of weddings and graduations and various baby/bridal/birthday parties, and have arrived. The real start of summer vacation. The roll down into the winter holidays. The second half of the year.

So why shouldn’t that get its very own kick-off? I mean, the beginning of the year is really a LOT. Shouldn’t we pat ourselves on the back for making it through (relatively) unscathed? Shouldn’t we dust ourselves off, re-examine our goals and priorities, and get another fresh start?

After all, after July 1, we’re heading straight into more summer cookouts and BBQs, MY BIRTHDAY in August (which I’m still not sure why it isn’t a national holiday, but it should be), back to school, and then before you know, we’re in the Hallow-Elect-Thanks-Hannuk-Christm-New Years season.

So join me this year! Make June 30 your own mid-year’s eve. Leave behind the muck and yuck of the beginning of 2018 (because goodness me, there has been a LOT of crappy stuff January – June). Set new goals and priorities for yourself. Decide on what challenges you’ll face and projects you’ll tackle. Open your arms to the next six months and say “I am READY FOR YOU.”


Who’s with me?


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