On Nine Years of Marriage

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary.


I feel like once you’ve been married more than five years, people expect you to have all sorts of great advice about marriage and making things work.

I have no such advice.

But, Colette! You two are so happy! I see people hashtag you #couplegoals all the time! 

We are happy. And I think that hashtagging us that is both cute and, also, kinda weird.

Because here is the thing I’ve learned about marriage after being in one for nine years:

Every single marriage is different.

What works for us might be disaster for you. What works for you might’ve seen us headed for divorce years ago or years from now. Because each marriage, each relationship, each person on this planet is a crazy compilation of billions of emotions and experiences, and those come together in unique and wonderful and weird ways.

Instead of advice, I can tell you a little bit about how we celebrate our anniversary.

We say our vows to each other every year. We go through our guest book and read all the messages from friends and family. We flip through all of our wedding photos, and talk about things that happened, or things we’re reminded of seeing some of the people again. Some years (most years), we throw on our first dance song and sway around whatever room we happen to be in at the time.

THIS YEAR, we’re also going out to a local pizzeria we both like for dinner, and then we’re going to one of those Color Me Mine-style pottery places to paint…something. Still don’t know what yet. I’ve wanted us to go to one of those for basically forever (I made my bridesmaids go with me and paint stuff at the start of my bachelorette party, and I haven’t been back to one), and he’s agreeing because at least it makes thematic sense for once (a traditional ninth wedding anniversary gift is pottery). 😉

And that’s pretty much it. We do what we can, even nine years later, to keep the memory of that day alive and well and actively a part of our lives. My favorite part is always when we get to this line from our vows…

Wherever our path leads, it takes us together. 


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