3-Day Refresh: Round 3 Review

Before I became a Beachbody coach, before I’d tried Shakeology, before I’d shaken my booty alongside Shaun T and the CIZE dancers, I gave the 3-Day Refresh a try. That’s how my friend who’d introduced me to Beachbody had started, and so it’s how I wanted to start too.

This was back in April or May of 2015 (honestly don’t remember when). I didn’t buy a fitness program. I ignored my coach’s emails and FB messages. I just did the Refresh, drank my shake for a month, and then cancelled everything.

Fast forward to July 2016. I’d been a Beachbody coach for just over a year and had just returned from our annual coaching summit in Nashville. And lemme tell you — we enjoyed our time in Nashville. Whiskey shots. Southern food. And, yes, exercise and Shakeology too, but the indulgences were plentiful. This time (Round 2), I knew more about the purpose of the Refresh and how I should be using it — to reduce bloating, for a quick fix to my system and my habits, and to get back on track after a ton of travel. And it worked like gangbusters!

Then…the holidays hit.

In late 2016, I was having some anxiety and stress issues. I was sad a lot of the time. I never really felt the “holiday spirit.” And I ate those feelings. (Pro-tip: eating the feelings didn’t make them any better and it didn’t make them go away. Maybe I should stop doing that?)

By Christmas, though, I was feeling better about life. And then I got to spend a week in Austin, Texas visiting with some of my most favorite people on the planet. Of course, while we were there over New Year’s celebrations, we did spend a LOT of time eating. Tacos. Fondue. Pasta. Grilled Cheese. Wine. Whisky. Vodka. Champagne. Crackers. Cheese. More Wine and Whisky and Vodka. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Before we’d left for that trip, I’d placed an order for the 3-Day Refresh, and happily, it was waiting on my doorstep the day we arrived home! That night, I went grocery shopping to prepare for my 3 days, and the next morning I started the program.

Here are the results from that most recent round:


Now, having completed the Refresh three times – and being more than willing to do it again, should the occasion arise – here are things that I have learned about it.

NOTE: This is based solely on my personal experience with the program. Other coaches and users of the Refresh may disagree with me, and there’s nothing in this list that is formally promoted or acknowledged by Beachbody. This is just me and my thoughts. 


  • Getting yourself back on track with a clean diet
  • Reducing bloating and stopping overindulging after travel
  • Slimming up quickly (AND TEMPORARILY – you lose a lot of water weight and bloat, but those pounds creep back in if you don’t continue with good eating habits.)


  • Attempting to train yourself on clean eating (the container system is better for that!)
  • A long-term diet plan
  • A way to “punish” yourself for “bad” eating (because if you think you need to do that, we need to have a MUCH deeper conversation about your mental state and your emotional relationship to food…)


First and foremost – make your meals feel like meals. For example, “lunch” is one vegetable, one fruit, one healthy fat, and the Vanilla Fresh shake. The first time I did the Refresh, I ate my cup of blueberries, then I dipped red pepper strips into mashed avocado, and then I drank the shake. And it was fine, but it felt like glorified snacking and not like a satisfying meal. Then, I got this idea:


My vegetable serving = spinach. My fruit serving = 1/2 a small peach + 1/2 the allowed number of strawberries. My healthy fat = olive oil as “dressing” mixed with freebie ingredients (vinegar, non-salt spices). And, of course, the Vanilla Fresh shake. Now THIS felt like a full meal.

Second – eat/drink all the “optionals.” The first time I did the Refresh, I didn’t do this, and I was miserable. The second time, I didn’t do it all the time, and it was slightly better but not totally awesome. The third time, I worked the green/herbal tea + vegetable broth in all three days, and I felt SO much better about life.

Third – just get over the Fiber Sweep. Some people don’t mind it. I call it Lemon Sand. In fact, pretty much every friend and fellow coach of mine who has done this program has heard me say or seen me type “Mmmmm, lemony lemony sand!” to them in encouragement and solidarity.


My fourth and final tip – and where I, admittedly, have failed all three times when I have done the Refresh – BE PREPARED FOR LIFE AFTER THE REFRESH. The Refresh is designed to help you quickly de-bloat and refocus on healthy eating. And if your fridge isn’t stocked and you haven’t meal prepped for healthy eating to begin immediately on Day 4, guess what? The Refresh did you no good. Because those results will disappear (and quickly) if you don’t have the tools you need for your good habits in place to continue.

So what do you think? Would you be up for trying the 3-Day Refresh? What other questions do you have about the program? I’d love to provide more pointers and tips, or cheer you on as your coach!