On Breaking Up and Falling in Love

No, I am not talking about with people.

I mean, I could. I’ve been in relationships that have broken up, and I’ve fallen in love more than once. But there are other things with which you can break up and/or fall in love. And THOSE are what I’m talking about today.

You may remember this break up letter from a few months ago. And this picture that came with it:


Well, it’s been over NINE months now. And here’s the second break-up letter:

Hey there.

I still see you around. I see you often. And I think there will always be a part of me that gets the slightest twinge at the sight of shiny silver with bold red writing. But the longing I felt once has been replaced with a different kind of sadness. Now, I’m sad for those you still control. I’m sad for those who can’t seem to break from your control. And I’m sad for me. I’m sad I gave you so many years of my life (and so much time in the dentist’s chair… seriously, folks, just because it’s not the “full sugar” version doesn’t mean it won’t MESS UP YOUR TEETH). I wish I could convince other people that the boost of energy and the sweetness and the fizziness just isn’t worth it. It’s not worth sucking down chemicals. It’s not worth the increased bad cravings and other negative side effects.

The worst part is, I knew better. I knew the entire time I drank you, all 16+ years of my life I spent with you, that you weren’t good for me. Which is why I can’t blame others who stay. I get it. I was there. And it took a LOT for me to walk away. 

But I have now. And I’m never going back. And I hope — I sincerely hope — that the more I talk about it, the more other people will walk away from you too. 

Now, I should note, that while my own personal addiction was to Diet Coke, I think this applies to all diet soda. Actually, I think it applies to all SODA in general, but I will admit there’s an occasion or two when I will imbibe in a tiny bit of soda-like products (like ginger ale or club soda in a cocktail, but that’s very rare… and, again, if you were the type of person who could just drink a soda or diet soda on a very rare occasion, good for you — but I am not that person, and I don’t think many people are, which is why people get so addicted… anyway…).

After break-ups, there’s a time where you aren’t quite sure where to go. A bit unwillingly, I turned to an unexpected place… and now, I’m totally in love.

I’m talking about WATER. 

I am in love with water (which is why this blog is coming out on a Wednesday — hello, #WaterWednesday!). I used to HATE water. I didn’t understand why people drank so much water (I mean, why would they? There was SODA to be had!). And yet, here I am:


La Croix was actually my gateway, and in ways, my “nicotine patch” away from Diet Coke. It was bubbly and sweet and came in an aluminum can, but it was pure. No chemicals, no additives, no sodium, no fake (or real) sugars — just water + a little bit of flavoring + carbonation. I used to drink a TON of these each day, and then I weaned myself off those too; now, La Croix is had with meals (usually one per day at lunch) or as an occasional “treat” away from my regular water. But, normally, it’s just me and my bottle. I strive to drink at least 100 ounces of water per day now, not including what I drink during workouts. Sometimes, I put fruit in my water to “dress it up,” but like La Croix, that’s rare too.

So yes. Just a year ago, as I was writing this blog, I would’ve been drinking a Diet Coke. Actually, I probably would’ve been on my second or third. But right now, as I write, I’ve got 25 ounces of water by my side (and it’s actually half gone… gotta get a refill soon!).

Do you have a bad habit you need to break up with? What healthy habit could you fall in love with instead?


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