Stop Me Before I Shop Again…

So, this January, I developed a little bit of an addiction. I blame my loving and well-meaning friends who saw a dress I wore to a holiday party and told me “Oh, if you like that style, you really should check out LuLaRoe

If you haven’t been introduced to LLR yet, this is my warning to you to run and save your wallet from yourself. But if you’re feeling brave and want to venture on…okay.

Here’s a collage of just some (not all) of the LLR pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe since January:

Now, yes. People who knew me in college and grad school are welcome to admonish me here because I used to be one of those “leggings aren’t pants; people shouldn’t just wear leggings out!” people, and I apologize profusely for that now. One, because, well, it’s judgmental and stupid of me and I really have no vested interest in what other people are wearing, and two, because these leggings are the most amazing thing ever and I don’t want to take them off my legs.

So, here’s the skinny on LLR — all of the clothes are limited edition items. They make 2500 of something in a print, and then that’s it. And all of the clothes are only sold through direct consultants (which I personally love, because I think it’s great when a business allows individuals to create their own small business under a larger corporate brand — heck, that’s what Beachbody is allowing me to do!). Some consultants do in-home “pop up boutiques” and most also run a boutique/store on individual Facebook pages. In most cases, they only get one of an item, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Consultants can only request styles and a size range — they have no idea what patterns will be coming in each of their orders, so you can’t request something like “I really want teal leggings with pineapples in size TC.”

Now, I’m going to admit, aside from the dent it’s making in my wallet, I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with LLR. I’m going to be upfront about it, because I want you to know my full view of it before you go and get addicted yourself.

The “Not Great” Parts. These are the parts of LLR I’m less than thrilled with:

  • PATTERN SELECTION. Some of it is adorable. Some of it is WTF are you thinking. And a lot of it is just plain LOUD. I am not a loud pattern wearer (what you see in the photos above is as brave as I get, and these are the more “muted” styles!) and I’m not great at mixing/matching patterns, so I sometimes feel like my choices are even more limited.
  • I SAW IT FIRST. I understand the scarcity model, but sometimes the “new inventory days” in the Facebook groups are just not worth the headache. You have to be super fast at grabbing an item (items are usually claimed by commenting “sold” on an image and then filling out the form and waiting for an invoice from the consultant), and I have seen people get nasty when someone else claims an item first. Which, like, I get being bummed when you don’t get a dress you want, but it’s just a dress. Calm down, people of the Internet.
  • COST VS. QUALITY. LLR ain’t cheap. It’s not too expensive compared to similar dress quality/styles I’ve seen elsewhere, but it’s still an investment. For example, the Amelia dress sells for about $65 (usually with shipping). Now, I don’t mind spending $65 on a dress I like, but it’s definitely not the same as a $19 Old Navy clearance rack dress… And, LLR needs to be hand-washed and hung to dry in order to keep it nice, and I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to laundry. Like, I wouldn’t separate ANYTHING if I could get away with it (and I did, for most of college…). So the fact that I have to wash my LLR stuff in its own load (delicate, handwash cycle) and then hang it all to dry is seriously my least favorite part about the whole experience.
  • CONSULTANT ROULETTE. I’ve only met one LLR consultant in person, because a friend of mine did an in-home pop-up boutique (which was a LOT of fun). The rest I’ve found via Facebook and had to just hope their store/policies/shipping/customer service was worth hanging around for. In some cases, it has been. In others, I’ve just left the group and not shopped with them. At the end of this blog, I’ll link to some people who I’ve had good experiences with and whose online shops I really like/still keep an eye on. But just know, each LLR is their own independent business, so the quality of service will vary.

Now, the things I LOVE about LLR.

  • SIMPLY COMFORTABLE. They have the most apropos tagline of just about any company out their. Their styles/cuts are timeless and flattering on a variety of body shapes, and they are SO COMFY. I love it when I can literally feel like I’m wearing pajamas and have people tell me I look so nice and dressed up. Win-win, I say.
  • CONVERSATION STARTERS. Since LLR styles are so limited, it’s extremely rare that you’ll run into someone wearing the same dress/pattern/style. And since the patterns are all quite unique, they’re definitely things that catch people’s eyes.
  • COMMUNITY. LLR addicts love their fellow LLR addicts. And we watch out for one another. Like, if we see a style that we know a friend would like, or find a consultant with someone’s “unicorn” (a hard-to-find pattern in a size/style that you LOVE and are trying to get your hands on), we let them know about it. You can find lots of people using the hashtags #HowIRoe or #HowWeRoe too.
  • GOOD CONSULTANTS. I’ve bought from a number of consultants now, and they’re awesome. You can tell by the way they display their goods, package shipments, and talk to customers that they really care about their business and their products, which I respect. Most of the FB groups they run are closed, so an admin has to approve you.

So, do you Roe? Tweet me your pictures of your favorite outfits so I can get some more ideas please! I mean, don’t. Because my wallet doesn’t like it when I go on LLR binges. (But do, because I want ideas/excuses to buy more clothes!).

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  1. So pretty! Your addiction looks like a very happy one. I'll admit I'm not often fond of patterns or bright colors either. If I go bright, it's probably a blue, green, or red. You do have me thinking about accessory options however… 😉


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