I seriously cannot get enough of Hamilton. I have not listened to a soundtrack so obsessively since RENT debuted 20 years ago. I have only seen one number performed (the opening number, which was on the Grammys earlier this year), but I’ve seen a number of photographs from the Broadway production and let me tell you — the staging? The costumes? The choreography? Amazing. And I do have tickets to see it when it comes to L.A. in 2017!

Here are a couple .gifs/photos I’ve found in various places online to give you just the tiniest idea of this show that is taking Broadway, and the nation, by storm (images mostly from Tumblr and various NY press):




That’s all. Just wanted to fangirl out for a bit. Have you listened to Hamilton? What’s your favorite number?

(It’s honestly so hard for me to decide, but I do really love “Satisfied” and “The Ten Duel Commandments.” And I can’t listen to “Burn” without crying, so that goes on the list too. Oh, and of course, “You’ll Be Back.” “Non-Stop” is also near the top of the list. Oh, and “One Last Time” is such a cool song. OH! And “It’s Quiet Uptown!” And…no. Forget it. I’m not picking a favorite.)

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