On beginning again…again.

2016 has not gone according to plan thus far.

You may have noticed since December a complete lack of posts. I would love to say it’s not without effort on my part, but that’s really not true.

I haven’t been focused on or committed to my health since the holidays. Oh, I’ve stumbled through and somehow – by the grace of the Universe and my own stubbornness, mostly – I’ve managed to not GAIN any more weight. So, bravo, I suppose? I did do a 10K that I need to blog about at some point…I’ll try to get that up here soon…but as far as sticking to a solid #EatCleanTrainDirty program as the Instagrammers love to say, not so much.

And yet, despite the Eeyore-y nature of the previous paragraph, I actually AM really proud of myself. You know why? The fact that I haven’t gained any weight since Thanksgiving is really an achievement for me. I didn’t end up with “holiday weight” to lose on top of what I’m already working on losing. That means for every workout I skipped, for every plate of Carne Asada fries I devoured (and there were more than one…), and for every time I ordered iced tea or coffee or wine instead of drinking my 100 ounces of water, there was a time that I didn’t. There were times that I did decide to go for a 3.5 mile walk or do an extra 10  minute video during my morning workout or chose a salad instead of more Carne Asada fries. And that in itself is significant and something I’m very proud of.

This past Saturday night my husband and I decided to celebrate “second New Year’s Eve.” We went wine tasting and out to dinner, we had huge servings of ice cream for dessert, and we laid around the house and did a whole lot of nothing but rest and relax, because Sunday was our “begin again” point. Sunday we went for a walk (I’m still training for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, after all!), grocery shopped, meal planned and prepped for the whole week, and I spent some time journaling and meditating and catching up on writing/scheduling blog posts.

So, while everyone else may have started their New Year on January 1, I started mine on February 21. And this year, I am committing to:

  • Shakeology. Every day, no excuses. (I’ll blog more about WHY later too)
  • Endurance & Strength. I want all my muscles to be strong, especially my heart. No more huffing and puffing when I walk too quickly to a meeting across the building.
  • Being Nice to Myself. This means treating myself with non-food-related treats. Taking time to sleep in when I need it. Forgiving myself if I mess us on a plan, and caring about myself enough to get back on plan. Finding ways to grow and change as a person so I can leave a positive mark on the world and people around me.

I’m posting this on “Motivation Monday” because I hope you find my honesty and my willingness to recommit something that is helpful to you if you ever have a day…or week… or month…or year… where you just feel like your previous efforts were wasted and are wondering what the point of trying again is. The point, my friends, is this:

So, today, let’s begin again. Together.

Happy Monday. I hope you have a great week!


  1. That really didn't come across as an Eeyore-y paragraph. Focusing on negatives is not the same as acknowledging what went wrong and how you feel about it. Eeyore really needs medicine, its a shame he and all his friends are ignorant. As someone who once lived life attempting to shut off every unpleasant emotion, on the other side of it I can say it is so much better to accept being human! “There's no crying in baseball!” is just wrong. You'll have the feelings anyway, and even longer until you let yourself “feel” them- learned this from experience. Certainly, make sure the time and place is appropriate, but as a society we need to do a better job of defining where is appropriate. Everybody feels better after they've cried. Everybody feels better after they give a pillow a solid fling at the wall. Everybody feels better after a hearty laugh. If it's somehow possible for you to become more tough, don't lose your humanity along the way. If you're always a happy-go-lucky, positively-positive, sunshine, unicorn and morning person rainbows, you'll be difficult to relate to.Side note: Consider scheduling blogging time as you schedule events. Even if you don't finish writing a post, you can make a dent. Blogger does save drafts!


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