My 2016 Word: FOCUS

I used to make New Year’s resolutions. And I used to keep them…for about three weeks. Then I started making lists of goals (which, basically were resolutions, and apparently Shakespeare was right… a rose by any other name…). Then, this year (2015), I did something that I found really worked for me — I picked a word. Just one word. And I used that word as my touch point throughout the year when I was thinking about how things were going, goals I was setting, activities I was committing myself too, etc. For 2015, my word was CORE. I looked at the word “CORE” in the physical sense (strengthening your core — it’s why I did lots of Pilates & Yoga this year!) as well as in the metaphoric sense (spending more time/energy on what I considered “core” to myself and my life).

Since we are rapidly approaching 2016 (seriously, less than 20 days!), I decided it was time to pick my word for the new year. I had a couple of ideas, but I finally settled on FOCUS. Now, like with CORE, I do have some ideas for how I might break these down into specific categories, but beyond this blog, I don’t really plan on getting this specific as I use the word FOCUS as my touch point throughout 2016. But for now, it’s nice thinking about in more specificity.

FOCUS on Reading: Explore New Genres and Authors
For the past few years, I’ve been doing a lot of rereading. And I’ll probably reread a lot in 2016 too. But I also want to check out genres and authors that I normally wouldn’t.

FOCUS on Writing: Finish My First Novel
I talked about this in my blog about why I was glad I failed NaNoWriMo, but in 2016, I’ve got one specific writing project I was to focus on. I’ll write other things, sure. But this is my focus.

FOCUS on Friends & Family: Spend More Time Together
Pretty self explanatory. I want to focus on TIME, rather than stuff. I’m good at sending cards/gifts/emails/texts, but I don’t get to spend much time with the people I love the most. So, hopefully, in 2016, I will be able to focus on ways to do that.

FOCUS on “Stuff”: Simplify. 
I’ve got a lot of excess “stuff” in my life. Physical and metaphorical. Through the end of the year, I’m going to focus on cleaning out a lot of that stuff, and I want to carry that into the new year.

FOCUS on Myself: Being My #1 Fan
I fully admit, I care a lot about what other people think. I realize this is something I probably should’ve gotten over in, well, college…high school…I dunno; point is, I need to start cheering on ME the same way I try to cheer on/support the people I care about.

I had previously written a post on my coaching blog about what FOCUS meant to me in terms of health, wellness, and fitness. But then I realized, if my goal is to FOCUS, then I should combine things into ONE spot. So, here’s the original post:

I, of course, have ways I want to FOCUS my efforts with health, fitness, and coaching. And a lot of it was inspired by this image that my coach shared on FB last week:

So, in 2016, this is how I plan to FOCUS.

FOCUS on Fitness: Consistency is Key
My main goal is to just stick with a schedule and program. I’ve been pretty good in 2015, but I definitely could’ve been better. I also had a problem jumping into something that sounded new/cool as opposed to following through with what I’d already started/committed to.

FOCUS on Nutrition: Spend More Time in the Kitchen
This is both a financial and a health decision. Here’s the thing: exercise is important. But so is nutrition. And while I looooooooove local taco shops and sandwich stores, they’re not the paragons of “healthy choices” when it comes to lunch/dinner (I’ve always been okay with breakfasts at home). So, in 2016, I want to spend more time in the kitchen making delicious, healthy food.

FOCUS on Blogging/Coaching: Sharing My Story
This is one I’ve thought a lot about in the past few weeks (months, really). I’ve put a lot unnecessary pressure on myself to increase rank in coaching and to try and be more like other coaches on my team/that I follow on IG. It was lots of “I should be running challenge groups! I should be getting people to try Shakeology! I should be adding people to my coaching team!” But then I keep thinking back to the first picture I shared in this post about not being able to pour from an empty cup, and I realized that’s what I was trying to do. The wonderful thing about being a Beachbody coach is I don’t HAVE to hit a sales quota or a team growth margin or anything. I can just be here to enjoy the community (and the discount) for myself. Now, does that mean I won’t help people if they want it? Of COURSE not. I love helping others on their journeys as I’m going through mine. But if my word for 2016 is FOCUS, I needed to think of where I really want my focus for the year to be, and this year, I want it to be on me + my story. I’ll do that through this blog, and on social (TwitterFBIG).

So what about you? Do you make plans/goals/resolutions in the new year? Do you pick a word to focus on? Or do you do none of those things and just treat each new year as you would any other day? Share your thoughts!

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