Hard Truths of the Holidays

Here’s the deal, y’all. December? Not going as planned.

I realized I fell quiet on my blog + FB page right around Thanksgiving, and that’s exactly the time when I SHOULDN’T have gone quiet! Why? Because you probably need the same cold hard truth that I need right now. And it’s this:

Holidays are hard.

There are parties and cookies (soooo many cookies) and candy that, for some reason, just tastes better in December. There’s wine and beer and sweet cocktails and sparkly cocktails and about 1,000 reasons (including “it’s cold!”) to stay wrapped up in bed sleeping instead of getting up and doing a workout.

Any you know what? I’ve succumb to ALL those things in the past few weeks.

Why am I admitting this? Is it some sort of soul-cleansing confession? A little, yeah. Because I realized I haven’t been blogging because, in a way, I’ve been hiding.

Hiding from the brownie + 2 beers I had at Happy Hour. Hiding from the workout DVDs that have sat, untouched, since last Saturday. Hiding from the dish of Hershey Kisses that I think I should be stronger than, but that I dip into every other time I walk by them. And hiding from admitting all of this to all of you who are following me on this journey of mine.

But today, I decided to stop hiding. Because the waistband of my jeans doesn’t care if I tell you or not — it knows. The quality of sleep I get and the amount of energy I have during the day don’t care if I tell you or not — they’re going to reflect these decisions anyway.

But here’s one thing I HAVE noticed. This December, I’m not perfect. This December, I’m way off plan. But this December, I’m doing WAY better than I’ve done in previous Decembers. And THAT is a huge accomplishment for me.

Sure, I’ve had four pieces of chocolate…but last year, I would’ve had fourteen. Sure, I’ve had ooey gooey delicious spinach artichoke dip plus chips and bread as an appetizer…but I also ordered a grilled shrimp + vegetable salad for dinner, when last year, I probably would’ve gotten pasta or pizza instead. Am I taking “perfect” care of myself right now? Nope. But am I taking better care of myself? YES. And THAT is a huge victory worth celebrating.

So here’s the thing. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t hide from the choices you’re making. This is a great big freaking sparkly awesome time of year, and we all deserve to enjoy it. Make better choices when you can, and end the year feeling strong, happy, and at peace.

If you want to talk to me about ways to kickstart your 2016, please reach out! Send me a message on Facebook or comment here. I’d love to help you make next year your strongest one yet.