On Not Walking Away (#MotivationMonday)

Last night, I was super down on myself about the week I’d had. The last time I did a workout was Monday, November 16th (yes, a week ago). I’d eaten at a fast/casual food place and/or a very decadent restaurant over 13 times throughout the week and I was NOT making good choices when I did (why yes, I would like the fries…and the extra cheese…and a dessert…and a cocktail). I’d skipped my Shakeology one day. I’d only clicked on my FB group notifications to “clear” them, not actually to read and/or engage. And I just felt blah about all of it.

So, last night, I was in a MAJOR funk. I was yelling at myself for being so “off.” I was mad. I was also ready to quit. My brain had one of those “Well, really, at this point, you’ve got Thanksgiving, and then all the Christmas events. Why not just call it a wash and start over on January 1?” And I could’ve done it. Because I’ve quit what feels like hundreds of programs/plans hundreds of times before. It’s super easy to walk away.

But then, what got scary, was how my brain let it bleed over into other things — “You know, you also don’t *really* need to finish your NaNoWriMo draft; after all, you’re over 15,000 words behind. You probably won’t catch up.” and then “You also haven’t blogged in a while. You could probably delete those and no one would care.”

Finally, I found something — not sure how or where I found it, but I found *something* — deep inside of me that finally said:

No. Stop it. Do not listen to those old voices. Those voices that have derailed you time, and time, and time again. So you had a bad week? Suck it up, buttercup. Bad weeks are going to happen. You’re NOT going to let ONE “bad” week …(which, let’s face it, wasn’t bad at all — first off, it was FUN. Second of all, you were super focused on your water intake, and hit your 100oz almost every day. Third, you DID make some good choices in the midst of the indulgent ones…) throw off twelve+ “good” weeks of hard work and progress.” 

“There will be hours, days, weeks when you could’ve made better choices for yourself. There will be hours, days, weeks when you will make ALL the right choices and still not feel awesome about it for who knows what reason. There will hours, days, weeks where you don’t make the best choices and probably still feel okay about it too! The point is, you are MOVING FORWARD. Keep doing that, and you’ll be fine.

So, since I managed to say it to myself, I’m saying it again for any and all of you who maybe need to hear it this week as well.